Academic Skills and University Preparation

University Preparation Programme and Academic Writing

This course is carefully designed to introduce you to the type of work you need to do in University, and how to get there. This includes how to improve your written work by practicing different types of essays, how to conduct research, how to improve your vocabulary, reading longer texts of academic reading and understanding new words, how to listen for important information and take the best notes. You also learn how to be a better student by understanding how to learn vocabulary, how to read a difficult article and find the information you need, and how to manage when you see lots of new words you don’t know.

This course also covers the UK university applications process, including writing personal statements, interview technique, completing UCAS forms and specific procedures required by some universities – including the University of Oxford.

Altogether, this is an extremely useful course that will improve your confidence not only in applying for university, but also to help you cope with the work once you start there.

Course title Academic Skills and University preparation
Learning hours 15 hours per week
Prerequisites Minimum level is B1 (CEFR)*
  • To improve Academic reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
  • To help you fully understand the UK university application process
The course includes:
  • How to write a good essay
  • Improving your academic vocabulary
  • Collecting and organising ideas
  • Improving accuracy
  • Note-taking, paraphrasing and summarising
  • Skimming and scanning
  • Note-taking
  • Presenting information
  • Using diagrams and statistics
  • Independent research skills
  • Understanding lectures
  • Including evidence in academic work
  • Understanding and using referencing
  • Understanding the type and range of courses available at UK higher education institutions
  • Understand the application process to UK universities (UCAS)
Certificate Each student will receive an end of course certificate of attendance and report