Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation and Academic English

If you want to prepare for a Cambridge Exam such as CAE or FCE, or you need to get a good IELTS score or you are planning on taking a Trinity (GESE) exam, we have the course for you. You will learn about each section of your chosen examination and become much more familiar with the various parts. You will better understand the questions and the type of answer you need to give. The course involves regular practice of all questions and you will be taught effective strategies to help you get the result you need. You will practice the exam by using past papers, and by the end of the course you will be completing past papers under timed, exam conditions. The course is supported with extensive skills practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Course title Exam Preparation
Learning hours 15 hours per week
Prerequisites Minimum level is B1 (CEFR)*
  • To prepare for IELTS, Cambridge or Trinity (GESE) exams
  • To practice and improve exam skills
The course covers:
  • Improving your confidence in using English
  • Developing good study skills
  • Improving your written work
  • Better understanding what each question or task needs for a successful answer
  • Finishing tasks and questions in the time given
  • Practice of working under exam conditions
  • Learning what areas you need more practice in
  • Improving your vocabulary and grammar
  • Improving your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
Certificate Each student will receive an end of course certificate of attendance and report.