Li Yi Hsuan (Taiwan) August 2014
I learned many things at the Oxford School of English. The project class was my favourite thing at the school. It was fun and interesting.
Chia Chieh Liu (Taiwan) August 2014
I've learned a lot from these lessons. Each teacher has a different way to teach. I think most of them are very good. I like studying here. Also, the lunch in the dining hall is delicious.
Hikaru Okumura (Japan) August 2014
My favourite experience at Oxford School of English was studying English with my new best friends. I especially liked playing games in English. I was able to learn many phrasal verb options in Benís class. I hope that my English has improved.
Lucrezia Forgione (Italy) August 2014
The best thing about the school is that I met a lot of friends from different countries. There werenít any Italian people in my class, so I had to speak English. I enriched my vocabulary.
Javier Cantos Perez (Spain) August 2014
I really liked my experience at the school because I have new friends and I learnt so much.
Ignacio (Spain) August 2014
This experience is outstanding because it lets you meet new people from other countries, learn another language, mix cultures and live in a different place.
Magda (Italy) August 2014
I really like this school. I had a great time and I will miss everyone. The teachers are very nice and funny.
Manuel (Spain) August 2014
I really like this school because you can meet people from all over the world. Also all the classrooms are very comfortable, we have cheerful teachers and we have fun while we learn.
Rise (Japan) August 2014
The teachers are so funny that the classes are very exciting. You will never be bored. It is in Oxford. There are many old buildings, green places like parks and gardens. You can study as you want in this quiet place. There are many nice shops, so you can enjoy shopping after studying, too!
Ogura Moto (Japan) August 2014
I made friends from other countries. I went to the Roman Baths, which were beautiful. I love this school because the teachers are very kind and friendly.
Sara (Italy) July 2014
Oxford School of English is very good because the teachers are kind and take care of their students.
Victor (Slovakia) July 2014
I love this school. I had the best time of my life here. Very good teachers.
Eledie (Belgium) July 2014
The Oxford School of English is a nice summer school to learn English, to have fun and to make a lot of friends from everywhere. The teachers and activity leaders are very nice.
Yvonne (Taiwan) July 2014
Oxford School of English is the most wonderful school in the world. I canít believe that I had the best time of my life in a school! And the school is Oxford School of English.
Lupe Martinez-Pous Sautos (Spain) July 2014
The school is good because I can stay with my friends and meet new people. The classes are fun and you learn a lot.
Wang Yu Kai (Taiwan) July 2014
I learned lots of things about English in the Oxford School of English. I made friends with other students from different countries. I also played tennis with my friends.
Su Yu Chen (Taiwan) July 2014
In the three weeks of time in the school I learned a lot and made lots of friends too. The best thing is that the teachers are all very friendly and the way they teach is also fun. This school will stay in my mind forever. Finally, I just want to say thank you!