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Activity Leader Recruitment Policy

Overall aims

At the Oxford School of English we run very popular and successful social programmes. Junior students attend our social activities throughout the year. We aim to make these as enjoyable, informative and safe as possible with the recruitment of efficient, knowledgeable and responsible Activity Leaders. As the activities and excursions are for under 18s, it is of paramount importance that we consider the safety and protection of our students, and appropriate attention to safeguarding is reflected in our recruitment procedure in accordance with our safeguarding policy. Recruitment adverts clearly state that DBS checks will be carried out.


We always seek to recruit Activity Leaders who are:

  • experienced in leading groups of students or young people
  • responsible and able to deal effectively with any problems as they arise
  • professional in appearance and attitude
  • friendly and helpful
  • genuinely interested in the school and its development
  • genuinely interested in the students
  • enthusiastic about their role
  • appropriately dressed for the care of under 18s

Initial application

All prospective applicants will first be informed by email that we take safeguarding very seriously and they will be advised that:

  • References will be required and followed up. Referees will also be asked whether there is any reason that they should not be engaged in situations where they have responsibility for, or substantial access to persons under 18.
  • All gaps in their CV will need to be explained satisfactorily
  • Proof of identity and proof of qualifications will be required
  • A full suitability check of criminal records must be provided before they commence employment. We can undertake DBS checks in the UK on their behalf but they will be responsible for the cost. Where they have been working outside the UK, they will need to provide a police certificate of good conduct from the most recent country in which they are or were residing.


All prospective candidates will be interviewed by at least one, but ideally by both the Principal and the Activities Manager. Candidates will be informed of what is required of an Activity Leader, and successful candidates will be given a full briefing by the Activities Manager.
Where a candidate is not currently in the UK or unable to attend the Oxford School of English premises for an interview, a skype interview will be conducted. During the interview, reference will be made to our safeguarding policy and the candidate will again be informed of what is required regarding clear CVs, UK DBS check and police certificates of good conduct.

Prospective Activity Leaders will be asked whether they have a health condition or disability in the interview so that reasonable adjustments can be made to enable them to do the job (in compliance with the Equality Act 2010).


At least two references will be taken up for each candidate, prior to appointment, one of which should be from their most recent employer. The reference will specifically ask if there is any reason why the candidate should not be considered for the teaching of under 18s. References will be requested by email, but the referee should be contacted directly to validate the authenticity. Where an Activity Leader provides a written reference, the referee will be contacted and authenticity validated as a matter of course.


Successful candidates will:

  • provide a full, detailed CV with explanations of any gaps (to be retained on file)
  • provide original copies of all relevant qualifications and proof of identity. These will be photocopied and the photocopies endorsed with the phrase: 'seen by (interviewer)' and dated. These photocopies must also be retained on file.
  • complete the Employee Record Form
  • provide either a P45 or other tax form
  • be subject to an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) (employment is conditional on a satisfactory report). The Ex-Offenders Policy will be referred to for any candidates for who have a criminal record.
  • where appropriate, provide a validated police certificate of good conduct
  • provide a Safeguarding Training certificate (provided by Oxford City Council) before acceptance of employment
  • provide 2 references
  • the name(s) of next of kin for emergency contact

Safer Recruitment

For more complex or lengthy CVs where, for example, the most recent country visited was for a short period, or the last working visit abroad was more than five years ago, the need for a police certificate of good conduct will be judged on case by case basis.

The decision will consider, but not be limited to:

  • the length of time spent abroad,
  • the number of countries worked in and over what period of time,
  • the age and past experience of the candidate,
  • their ability to provide a clear UK DBS,
  • more than two professional and verifiable references.

All Activity Leaders will undergo an initial induction meeting before commencing appointment. They will be issued with, and given further information regarding:

  • contract of employment
  • job specification
  • employee handbook
  • safeguarding policy
  • activity pack
  • activity timetable
  • risk assessments
  • emergency procedures

June 2022
This policy is reviewed on an annual basis. However, if any issues relating to the policy should arise, the policy will be reviewed immediately.
Date of next scheduled review: June 2023

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