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We are now open again and are already taking bookings for this summer! In the UK infection rates have continued to drop and the UK's vaccination programme is progressing well! As this continues to improve we are looking forward to welcoming you to learn and have fun in a safe environment with us.

Please contact us by clicking here to make your booking or send us your enquiry.

Please note the UK government is frequently updating rules for people travelling to the UK -please check here.

Admissions and Enrolment Policy

Oxford Junior Summer School accepts students of all nationalities, from the age of 11 to 18 years.

Accommodation at the Junior Summer School is available as follows:

  • Homestay Accommodation: Students who are 11 years and over can stay in homestay accommodation offered by Oxford School of English
  • Residential Accommodation: All students who are 12 years and over can stay in residential accommodation offered by Oxford School of English

Selecting a course

We run courses at all levels of the CEFR, as well as courses for beginners, preparation courses for a range of English Language examinations and Academic and Business English courses, so our courses are suitable for everybody.

All students are given a placement test on or before their first day at the school. Depending on the result of this test, we may suggest changes to your course. At all times we will try to offer the course that you have requested.

Admissions and Enrolment Procedures

  • Online booking

    Potential students can complete and submit our online enrolment form; our Office Manager will then reply, requesting further information if necessary, and send an invoice detailing payment options. The online enrolment form is available on our website at:


  • By email

    Potential students can email their requests to our Office Manager, who will then reply. Our contact details can be found at https://oxfordschoolofenglish.com/useful-information/contact-us

  • By telephone

    Potential students can call the school to discuss enrolment at any time. Our contact details can be found at https://oxfordschoolofenglish.com/useful-information/contact-us

  • By post

    Potential students can write to the school with their requests. Our contact details can be found at https://oxfordschoolofenglish.com/useful-information/contact-us

  • Through an educational agent

    Potential students may enquire about Oxford School of English with an educational agent in their country or region. The agent will then make all the necessary arrangements with the school

  • Walk-in Students

    If a potential student is in Oxford, or if a friend, family member or other representative is in Oxford, they may come into the school to discuss enrolment. The school is open from 08:30 - 18:00 Monday to Friday.

Please note, we reserve the right to refuse enrolment. In such cases, we will give a full explanation for our action.

First Day Schedule

09:00 Students arrive at the school
09:30 Registration
09:45 Testing
10:45 Break
11:15 Welcome and induction from the Principal
12:15 Processing (Students receive their timetables, coursebooks and have their photographs taken for the database)
12:45 Classes begin for some students
14:30 Classes begin for some students
Following morning Classes will start for some students

Cost of course materials

As part of their registration fee students receive a textbook and welcome pack including a notebook. Textbooks for other courses are sold at reception for approximately £30.00 each.

Conditions of enrolment

  • Information

    Potential students must supply us with the following information when enrolling at Oxford School of English:

    1. Full name (as written in passport/EU National ID)
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Home address
    4. Passport/EU National ID number
  • Payment

    Payment must be received in full 14 days before the scheduled start date of the course (unless agreed otherwise) to secure your booking. For details of cancellations and refunds, please see below.

  • Students who are under 18 years of age

    All parents/guardians of any under-18s coming to our school must complete, sign and return a Parental Consent Form.

  • Visas

    Potential students who are from countries outside the EEA may need a visa to study in the UK. For more information on our visa procedures, please see

    Do I need a visa for a short course of study?
    The United Kingdom Border Agency provides information on whether or not you need a visa to study a short course in the UK at the following pages:

    For students planning to visit Oxford on a Student Visitor Visa:

    For students planning to visit Oxford on a Child Visitor Visa:

Cancelling or changing your course

The school reserves the right to cancel a student's course and/or accommodation in the event of misconduct or unsatisfactory attendance.

Cancellations by students or their representatives must be made to the school in writing.

Cancellations of homestay accommodation must be received a minimum of 14 days before the accommodation start date, in order to qualify for a full refund. Cancellation of residential accommodation must be received 28 days before the accommodation start date, in order to qualify for a full refund.

Students cancelling accommodation without giving the required notice (above) will be charged for any accommodation they have booked and already missed, plus either 1 week's homestay accommodation (if they have booked homestay) or 6 weeks residential accommodation (if they have booked a residence).

Students cancelling as a result of a visa refusal and giving the required notice (above) will receive a full refund of all fees paid.

Students cancelling for other reasons and giving the required notice (above) will receive a refund of all fees, less the £55 enrolment fee.

No refund will be given for any cancellations after the course start date unless in exceptional circumstances, at the absolute discretion of school management.

Any refunds of payments made to the school by credit card will be subject to the deduction of any credit card charges incurred by the school at the time of payment.

June 2022
This policy is reviewed on an annual basis. However, if any issues relating to the policy should arise, the policy will be reviewed immediately.
Date of next scheduled review: June 2023

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