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We are now open again and are already taking bookings for this summer! In the UK infection rates have continued to drop and the UK's vaccination programme is progressing well! As this continues to improve we are looking forward to welcoming you to learn and have fun in a safe environment with us.

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Prevent Duty Policy

Oxford School of English understands its responsibilities under the Counter Terrorism & Security Act 2015 to prevent people of all ages being radicalised or drawn in to terrorism, and seeks to meet its obligations in the ways shown below.

Oxford School of English provides English language courses in its adult & junior schools throughout the year, for students from countries all around the world. In the adult school most students are 19 year or older, although the minimum age is 16. In the junior school most students are in their teens or younger. Many of these students are very short term (especially in the junior school), studying at the school for only two or three weeks, although a proportion stay longer.

In its busiest weeks, during July and August, the combined schools may have 500 students and 50 staff, and work with in excess of 100 homestay providers.

Oxford School of English has always promoted a multi-cultural environment where respect for and tolerance of others beliefs are required.

The school is located in the centre of Oxford, a fast growing international city with a population of in excess of 150,000 people. Oxford City has the third highest ethnic minority population in South-East England with approximately 28% of residents born outside of the United Kingdom.

Our Responsibilities:

  • To promote the values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.
  • To make and maintain contact with the local police / local authority Prevent coordinator to understand their role and the support available.
  • To possess clear and visible policies and procedures for managing whistleblowing & complaints.
  • To ensure that policies are in place for learners using IT equipment safely, legally and securely.
  • To ensure that Prevent complements the schools safeguarding & equality acts and covers the welfare of safety of learners and staff.
  • To carry out risk assessments to address the organisations implantation of Prevent.
  • To install robust procedures for sharing information internally and externally about vulnerable adults.
  • To train all staff in prevent.
  • To ensure that all staff exemplify British Values in their management, teaching and through general behaviours in the organisation.
  • To ensure that opportunities within curriculum are used to promote British Values to learners.
  • To maintain robust procedures for sharing information internally and externally about vulnerable individuals.
  • To have a clear prevent referral process with single point of contacts which are known to all staff and learners.
  • To ensure that pastoral care is at the heart of the provision and sufficient pastoral care is available to all learners who are vulnerable of being exploited.

June 2023
This policy is reviewed on an annual basis. However, if any issues relating to the policy should arise, the policy will be reviewed immediately.
Date of next scheduled review: June 2024

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